Just as there are a thousand and one ways to win at gambling, there are also an thousand and one ways to lose as well. Gambling is a game of chance and usually there is a fifty / fifty chance of winning big. One factor that helps push them forward is the determination of the player to win and win big time. Now, if determination is the ONLY factor needed, everyone would be winning. This means that there are other things needed so that one can have a successful day at the casino. Here are just a few tips to keep in mind:

1. Keep the bets small. While some gambers might balk at playing on a smal bet, remember the saying “small things add up to big things”. Keep this in mind when betting small. It may net small wins but helps with smal loses. Small bets are preferred when one is one a losing streak and must maintain it until the winning streak starts.

2. Bring some luck along. While many would scoff at bringing small items that proclaim luck, they still cling to small flashes of superstition. Lets face it, gamblers are a superstitious lot and would do anything to gain an edge. While there is nothing wrong in bring ones lucky rabbits foot, just keep in mind not to bring it out while playing or risk getting wierd glances. Just hope for the best and roll the dice.

3. Seek a pattern. any gamblers try to wait it out on the table just to pick out a pattern of any sort that may help with winning. The pattern may be a succession of losses and then few wins or it could be that a particular number keeps popping up every now and then. These are occurances that many gamblers keep an eye out for and use them to their advantage. It also helps not to let on to a pattern with other players for they may just use it instead and beat everyone else.

4. Stay clear of favorites. This may somewhat contradict the above statement but try to ferret out paths or strategies that have been used over and over again by gamblers. Try to seek out variations to systems, patterns, and even gameplay. Its all up to the player to mix and match them.

5. Stop early. Players should make it a point to stop when they are on a losing streak but also when they see their bankroll dropping. Being able to stay i the game is watching ones resources stay afloat so that they could come back another day and play.

6. Seek the thrill. Those who gamble seek the fun in the game, not the misery. Thats why many people persist in gambling no matter the risk. It is simply something that they have to satisfy.

Again, with games of chance, a players best hope is to size up the odds and see the game through. Avoid being rash. Go for the win!

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