Being a newbie at a poker table is not a valid excuse for committing countless mistakes that could cost you a fortune. So before putting down to a poker game, here is a bird’s eye view on the common beginner’s mistakes.

One of the common mistakes that beginners make is play too many hands. Players always want to play even if they’re given a hand that simply spells F-O-L-D. Another common mistake is usually driven by greed. People are easily captured dry the gambling and money aspect of the game. This makes them play in higher stakes game even though they haven’t learned to beat poker. In the end, they only go home empty handed.

In a poker game, there will always be bad points, losing sessions and annoying opponents. These usually tick a player off making him/her emotional. However, these should not get to your nerves that they take your mind off the game. Learn how to live with them and do not let your emotions get in the way of your game.

Beginners are not usually aware of pot odds. So they don’t take them into consideration in making a decision. This is a big mistake that leads to more mistakes such as calling when there is a hand that has very low chances of winning.

Another common and stupid beginner mistake is thinking that they would probably have a flush upon misreading two black cards. The use of two color deck is sometimes confusing for a newbie so instead of using a two color deck, try playing poker with a four color deck. Misreading will surely never happen.

Etiquette in poker is so important that a poker player should learn them before starting a game. The inexperienced and uniformed players would usually say “I call and raise $Y” whenever they want to make a raise. In poker’s etiquette, the first action is considered final. So, when you simply want to call, say “call”. The same thing goes when you want to raise.

Most beginners usually think that imitating a world-renowned poker player is a recipe for success. What they don’t know is that they will only be cooking up a disaster. In playing poker, it is always better to understand how to beat the game rather than to imitate another player at the table.

Being new to a game is no reason to commit countless mistakes. There are always ways to prevent oneself from making one. So before starting to play poker, read on the common beginner mistakes to eliminate or if not lessen the unwise decisions that you would make.

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